Introducing a new beading stitch variant: twisted right angle weave

I am so very pleased that this idea worked! I purchased some of those small peanut-shaped beads a few weeks ago, and designed this stitch variant for them. I wasn’t very excited with my Beading for a Cure project as it was — I think the idea would still work, but I was forcing the beads to fit the idea — so decided to try this twisted right angle weave idea with the BFAC beads. It is an excellent rope; the spiral is tight enough to be able to see the colors wrap around the diameter, and because it’s based on right angle weave, it has a really nice drape. It bends easily, making loops with an inner diameter of 1/2″ or so.

Only four of the beads in the kit are in the rope (the 11s and the drop beads), so the remaining kit beads are for a center pendant befitting the rope. The clasp will be a bar and toggle clasp, made of the kit beads.

I think there’s lots of possibilities for this stitch. Beyond changes in bead colors and shapes, the diameter could be larger too. I’m just delighted. I hope to write instructions for this.

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  1. Hey that’s cool! I love any variation with RAW and I just bought some of those peanuts too. From Byzantium. And I’m having trouble with my BFAC piece coming together. Weird. Same wavelength. If you feel like shaing please email a description of how you do it? Not for BFAC, BTW. The colors I bought wouldn’t work, I don’t think. Again very nice.

    1. Thanks, Catherine! Did I read somewhere that Byzantium is going out of business? I hope I’m wrong.

      I think this is the first time I’ve totally changed directions on BFAC. I’m glad I did. I hope yours starts behaving better. I want to start on the clasp soon…

      I will post when I have instructions for this written. That is the next beading project!

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