Impressionist earrings

I assembled the blue earrings from the beautiful pile of blue French beads in an earlier post.  They are from Jean Campbell and Judith Durant, Beadwork inspired by art : Impressionist.


It’s a beautiful, full earring, lovely motion and texture.


I went to a talk by Jean Campbell in February about using art as inspiration for the design process, detailed in this post.  These earrings are inspired by one of the Blue Dancer paintings by Degas – see the ballerina in the full skirt?  I will be using them for something other than earrings as the weight is a bit too much for me.  If I make them again, I will use charlottes and scale down the accent beads that make up the dancer’s body.  The charlottes might make the skirt look more like tulle.

8 thoughts on “Impressionist earrings”

  1. Love those. I can see those dangling off my ears even though they are blue. 😉 Great idea & I always love motion in bead work. dot

    1. I’m not sure if it’s Judith’s or Jean’s design, but I like it a lot. The original has light pink and green tips on the blue skirt, but I substituted cream pearl and cream gold-lined. This is better for me.

  2. Hey Dulcey–These look great! This is one of my favorites of Judith’s designs. I like how you chose the tips to tie in with the wire and ear wires–really nicel!

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