If you subscribe to this blog…

…you may need to subscribe to it again. At least I did. Sorry! The feed should still work correctly with FeedBurner and through it, Networked Blogs, but if you subscribe directly, that subscription may be broken.

This is a result, I believe, of the editing that I did to make my website managed by WordPress. The changes I made have my website showing as http://www.dulceyheller.com (with the attendant gallery and about me page), and my blog as http://www.dulceyheller.com. However, the main page of the WordPress installation has moved to the root directory instead of the /wordpress directory, so the feed doesn’t have that /wordpress any more.

Although, come to think of it, if you subscribe to this blog with a direct subscription, you won’t see this post! Rats. I wonder, if I publish a new page, will that be fed too? Huh.

I guess we’ll see when I publish this post, at least if it works for me!

UPDATE! Yay! The changes I made to my FeedBurner feed appears to have fixed it. It came into my feed reader (Google Reader) with the old feed — I was thinking it should. This makes me happy, thank you FeedBurner.

Next: get Twitter to connect with my blog automatically again. Gah.

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