I changed my mind

I don’t like how it looks to have all the bead tweets on my blog every week. It’s too large of a percentage of my blog space. NOW, if I could have them feed into a separate page, linked in the header links? That would be acceptable; available if you want to read it, and findable through the search tool. I wish I knew how to write the code that would do that automatically.

2 Replies to “I changed my mind”

  1. I enjoyed looking at the links of these tweets. I can see why you don’t like the visual of text links, but I am OK with that.

    It is the old “general comments” on a left frame that never go away which I don’t understand.

    1. Maybe I’ll figure something out to have it available on a separate page – like you said, I just don’t like the visual of all the text links.

      I did get rid of the general comments, thanks for the reminder. I had been meaning to do that.

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