Herringbone spiral, step 1

Isn’t this cool? This is herringbone spiral, part of a design by Laura McCabe. It’s in her new book, Laura McCabe’s embellished beadweaving : jewelry lavished with fringe, fronds, lacework & more, which I checked out from my local library. This rope is done as the chain/rope part of an amazingly life-like necklace of beaded sumac berries. My beads on hand extend to seed beads, rather than the pearls and crystals which are abundant in this book, but I had to try the rope. Laura did one pass, I’ve added a second, and plan to add a third, for a total of about 16mm in width.

Check out the book!

Now I have to finish making holiday presents, and then on to the beaded beads for the Bead Around the World swap. Then the loom? Back to this? I just got a little distracted….

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