Herringbone and memory wire bracelet

I have seen many wonderful bracelets in blogs (often Hungarian) that make some sort of beaded rope, and then string them on bracelet-sized memory wire. Here’s one that I saw, by Ande. Mixing sizes of beads in herringbone makes it a different texture, not the slinky-smooth especially evident if you use the size 10 Miyuki triangle beads. I’ve mixed sizes before, but this bracelet, and others I saw after by others, prompted me to make one for memory wire.

So I’m beading away, at about inch 16, and someone asks me, “What are you making?”

“A bracelet.”

“A bracelet?!”

This is about 19″ in total, and heavy, more than 40 grams. The beads on the ends are Swarovskis.

6 thoughts on “Herringbone and memory wire bracelet”

    1. It’s neat, isn’t it? I looked at a picture – it’s 4-around herringbone rope like this slideshow on Beadwork about.com, but with just 4 beads in the starting row instead of 6. Alternate large and small beads. When you’re done with your rope, you thread it onto the memory wire. It just takes a while, because you’re making a bracelet the length of a necklace!

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