Hello world!

So, when you start a new blog, sometimes there’s a dummy first post, and I have seen it titled “Hello world!” So here I am, again. Hello!

This blog is just over five years old, and my life has become steadily more complicated in the last six months or so. Nothing bad, just more. My last post was the end of December, which is the only hiatus I have taken from blogging since inception. I was all set to jump back into blogging about mid-January, and then I decided to move hosting before my auto-renew came up. I had problems with the move, and it took me much longer than I anticipated. I had backups downloaded that I was using to move, and I didn’t want to add content and make those backups obsolete, so I’d have to start over. As of this morning, all is switched, and all should be good!

One four-day delay? A spam comment. Once I was able to get into my account again after being locked out, I found the line in the table in the SQL database and deleted it. I am competent at computers, but this was at the edge (or perhaps a bit beyond) of what I’m comfortable doing.

So, since I set up this blog five years ago, and the current theme maybe 2+ years ago, some things have changed in structure (or something). Like, once I got everything working, my header disappeared. Ta-dah! If you are reading this on my website vs in a feed, the header is back. If anyone sees anything wonky, please let me know. I will try to fix it.

NOW, back to beading – which has also fallen down the stairs of life to a lower level. Now that I have a functioning blog again, I have more incentive to bead. I can report on my work, my finds, and the art I see.

Encouragement encouraged! Thank you….

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  1. I see nothing wonky and am very impressed that you found the line of code and fixed it! Let’s see… encouraging words, how about that frosty purple on a concord grape plus the insane green on the tip of a new blade of grass? Or… the lacy texture of snow on the branches of that tree in your back yard?

    Glad to see you back!

  2. Thank you, Kelly! It wasn’t a process I enjoyed – I want to use computers, not have to fix something having to do with them.

    I LOVE your encouraging words. I’ll take the grass tip green, with the highlight of frosty concord purple, with a background of the lacy white. Work for you? πŸ™‚

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