Hand Jewelry, step one

There have been two class meets for this class, which I am taking with Diane Fitzgerald. For our second meet, we talked about ideas for our particular piece of hand jewelry (defined as something to wear on the back of the hand). One exercise she had us do is sketch a possible design for a set number of minutes, and then discuss the resulting designs. (Excellent idea, I should do this more!) I sketched something other than what I’m doing, as I’m not practiced enough to sketch dimensionally. This is the start of the piece I brought to class, which I hope to make:

I’m hoping to create another layer of “petals” around this, and make richly textured and dimensional greenery — perhaps rather like vines? — to attach the piece and have it climb up my wrist a bit. The stitch used is my twisted right angle weave variant (available on the last page of patterns on Buy the Kit), made rigid with another pass of beads at the corners. The purple beads are a lovely French luster, and the larger beads are Chinese crystal.

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