Hand jewelry complete!

In late spring Diane Fitzgerald had openings in a local workshop, and sent invitations to local beaders to join her. This was a series of six sessions, with the ultimate goal of creating a piece of jewelry for the back of the hand. I am very happy with how mine turned out. This is totally wearable, well-anchored on my hand (doesn’t slip or flop). I could actually wear this to work.

I am no hand model, but this should be shown worn — and I don’t know anyone with prettier hands as small as mine.

Now I see, after the awkwardness of taking the picture with my non-dominant hand, that a leaf is curled under at my wrist. Imagine the milky green leaf unfurled and arcing inward!

2 thoughts on “Hand jewelry complete!”

  1. Dulcey that is lovely! I don’t think I could fit a pair of gloves over that to wear to where I work (LOL!) but I bet when you do wear it, you’ll get tons of compliments


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