Green ruffles, completed

Good Quill Hunting (music plays) is hosting a Haute Couture contest — “inspired wearable bead art.”  Participants are to choose any one of 36 different Haute Couture pieces, and make something inspired by that photo.  Here’s what I chose:

Click on the photo to see two detail shots.

Two things caught my eye with this dress – the basic color, which I like and have in beads – and the style.  For Haute Couture, this actually looks wearable!  And, I thought I could translate it into beads.

It took me a couple of attempts to get irregular ruffles that were reminiscent of this dress. The dress has some light cream in the base skirt, which I translated into a spiraling band of like colored charlottes.  I felt the mass of green, between the “skirt” and the tapering square stitch tube, needed a larger offset of color than the relatively small bodice in black, cream, peach, and sea green.  So, I changed the proportions and shape to make a larger beaded bead.  The cream in the skirt ties it to the cream in the bead, and I used 4 beads to make each randomly placed flower.  The last design challenge to be faced was the clasp, which is visible as a band of silver at the front, balanced by a silver bead peeking out at the base of the ruffles.


4 thoughts on “Green ruffles, completed”

  1. I was wondering wether the green “alien-thing” could ever turn into wearable jewelry and I am very surprised about the result. This is a phantastic project you chose.

    By the way: If you find magnetic clasps with the “off”-switch please let me know 🙂

    1. Thank you Dottie! The rufffles did look like an alien pod. Dior did a good job with the bodice, the color and design really balance all that yellow-green.

      The only way I know how to turn magnetic clasps off is if they are electromagnets. I don’t think I want an electromagnet around my neck! 🙂

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