Green pendant, finished

Back in July, I blogged about purchasing an unidentified green pendant, which I think is gaspeite. Catherine Bond volunteered to make a kumihimo braid to make the rope from which to hang it. Here it is! Works great, don’t you think? She did a great job of making something that really suits the pendant without overpowering it.

The pendant has an interesting bail, which made making the attachment part difficult. Here’s what I decided to do:

It works pretty well! The bail is a half circle of wire, not large enough for the kumihimo to thread through it, but works well for the loop part of a bar-and-toggle clasp. I looped a piece of 18ga silver wire and cut the toggle as short as possible, but it still is slightly visible above the pendant. It’s really not noticeable.

And no, I don’t have my lighting setup done yet. This is my existing one. I’ll get there!

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