Four more by Erica Spitzer Rasmussen

Here are a few more of Erica Spitzer Rasmussen’s works, currently on display at the American Crafts Council in Minneapolis. See two of her other works, with professional photography, here. The descriptions beneath the photos are those that are posted with the works. They really serve as a window into Erica’s work and life, her works and words both!

These pictures were taken with my camera phone rather than my usual camera. There are other works of Erica’s on display as well, stop in and see…

“A Coat for Two Occasions, 2000

mixed media with handmade paper (flax, joss paper, acrylics, cotton thread and walnut stain)

A Coat for Two Occasions is a garment I made to wear to my funeral and cremation. The shape of the coat is modeled after a traditional Chinese jacket and is covered with hundreds of pieces of modified joss papers. The Chinese burn sheets of joss ceremoniously at funerals, investing each sheet with a prayer for the departed. By stipulating in my will that I would like to be placed in this garment for my funeral and cremation, I will be able to burn the joss myself, giving me a bit more control over my final rites. Ultimately, if I can contribute some humor or beauty to my death, it will make my passing easier to prepare for.”

“Patch and Repair, 2010

mixed media (examination table paper, silk suture thread, spot bandages, acrylics)

As a young woman my mother warned me, “After forty, dear, it’s all patch and repair.” So, to commemorate my fortieth birthday, I’ve made myself a dress of examination table paper, silk surgical suture thread and spot bandages. Although I can not avoid my inevitable demise, I plan to look my best trying.”

“Red Hot, 2005

mixed media with handmade paper (cotton, acrylics, gold leaf, wax, metal, rubber and match sticks)

After several years fighting infertility in my mid-thirties, Red Hot is a celebratory work that marks the conception of my son.”

“Book of Sustenance, 2010

mixed media with handmade paper (cotton fibers, grocery bags, cherry Kool-Aid, spray paint, metal and India ink)

Book of Sustenance is a wearable work which attempts to bring some glamour into the mundane day to day routine of my working-mother existence. The repetition of the grocery list was printed upon cherry Kool-Aid stained pages made of reconstituted grocery bags, like a mantra for domestic divadom.”

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