Foot in the Door 4 visit

So this is the view upon reaching the entrance of Minneapolis Institute of the Arts Foot in the Door 4, a show of art by Minnesota residents, all works accepted! This year totaled about 5,000 piece of art, all smaller than 12″x12″x12″.

Inside this first gallery:

Turning to the right, to see into the next gallery:

Which is where my Painted Vessel is displayed:

And here are its neighbors:

The following entry is of other pictures that I took, but there are many other ways to enjoy this exhibit. First, here’s Jean Campbell’s blog post of her visit, including a picture of my vessel. Multimedia works, limited to 80 seconds, are on Vimeo. And the crowning place to visit, MIA has put images of all 5,000 pieces on their website! And for the jewels to top the crown, install Silverlight, and you can see the whole exhibit via Photosynth: Gallery 265 and Gallery 281. This is like running your own webcam through the galleries.

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