Focus on Fibers

First, a little about the Foundation:  the McKnight Foundation is a Minnesota-based private family foundation.  It works towards improving the quality of life for all people, especially those in need; strengthen children, families and communities in the Twin Cities region (Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN); enrich people’s lives through the arts; encourage protection of the natural environment; and promote research in selected fields.  In 2007, 11% of the grants went to the arts.  In 2008, a total of $99 million was given in grants.

Their office is in the old mill area of Minneapolis; Minneapolis was a flour milling town on the Mississippi River at one point in its life, and the Foundation overlooks Mill Ruins Park.  The park has partial old flour mills, mill race, and more, and is adjacent to the Mill City Museum, which tells of this part of Minnesota’s history.

The Focus on Fibers show is in the lobby of the McKnight Foundation, an absolutely beautiful space.  The show is from the Minnesota Textile Center, a grantee of the Foundation.  It is closing this Friday, and I’m glad I was finally able to fit it in.

The first artist I was pleased to recognize is Carly Stipe, doyenne of duct tape.



Tim Harding works in sewn and cut silk; I don’t think I’ve seen any of his work before.



I’ve heard Nancy MacKenzie speak – she primarily makes her pieces out of onion bags.  Some countries use different colors; she has friends collecting onion bags for her from all over the world.



And finally, the beaders!  First is Diane Fitzgerald and her Amazon Collar.



Then Laura Leonard and one of her Martini Sisters.  Sorry for the poor photo quality; I didn’t know it was blurry until I got home.


And finally, two pieces by Nancy Eha.




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