Denim right angle weave bracelet, step 3

I’ve had just a bit of beading time, so I want to show the progress I’ve made on this bracelet:

I’ve really not picked a good project for limited time. I modified the straight layered right angle weave bar of beads I made earlier to create this double-ended arrow shape, and I successfully made the first, and messed up the second. That one I had to cut apart. When I started over, I tried a different way of building the layers, by making the base, then building up with right angle weave (so rows of loose loops), then connecting the loops into the top flat layer of right angle weave. Definitely too many possibilities to make mistakes this way; I got it to work, but I had to study carefully to see what I was doing. I think the answer is to build the flat base, then build and complete each cubic unit. Or at least only do a row of units with loops of right angle weave off the base, and then connect the top layer. In playing around to find the most efficient way to do a time-consuming stitch, I succeeded in using up more of my limited time!

I will be beading more later today, and maybe even blogging what I’ve done. Nice!

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