Denim right angle weave bracelet, failed clasps

Okay, from left to right: I don’t know where I was going with this first one. The second is cool, as a toggle for a bar and toggle clasp, as the bar fits in the dents in the ends, and there’s also a dent for the attachment part of the bar. BUT, this deforms where you would attach it to the bracelet with very little pulling. It would work if I had beaded this over rigid metal, but the right angle weave isn’t stiff enough, even built up. The third is the bar — see how it would blend right in with the center of the double-ended arrows? The fourth is another attempt at a toggle. This one works, adding the cross-bracing makes it structurally sound enough. However, the attachment from the toggle to the bracelet has to be longer than half the length of the toggle. This means a looong gap between that side of the clasp and the bracelet. I could structure it somehow so that the toggle’s attachment is underneath the bracelet, but that would mean restructuring one of the double-ended arrows. The final one is a pocket for the tab above it; now I’m trying to blend the clasp in with the large acrylic beads. This doesn’t have enough structure either; the tab just comes out of that floppy pocket.

I think I have one that will work. I need to build another of the double-ended arrows, and then I’ll try attaching it.

6 thoughts on “Denim right angle weave bracelet, failed clasps”

  1. Not a fail. Just a learning event. I think peyote and delicas are the best clasp solution, because of how lovely and structurally stiff they are, but I do not have your vast new experinece base to back up my idea like you do! I think this is what designing is. Not a fail.

    1. Right, I was going more for drama with the “failed clasps” – they are learning experiences, and I’m okay with that. It is neat to make the geometrics that you can with right angle weave – but it’s not a structurally stiff stitch even layered. I’m trying to really mimic what I already have, but going with peyote and delicas would be a smart solution. Thanks!

    1. I hadn’t thought of that! Thank you! Part of my problem is that I’m working with the acrylic beads, where the holes go from edge to edge on the bracelet – so I have to figure out attachment points based on the orientation of the beads. And ideally, the dark blue of the toggle is right next to the smooth edge of the light blue acrylic bead, with nowhere to anchor it. I know, I’m being overly particular!

  2. I had not thought of going in this direction. If you don’t push the boundaries and trying something new, you’ll never find those new unique ways of doing things. That’s what I find as I ‘attempt’ new things that people say you can’t do, but sometimes I succeed.

    So keep at it!

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