David Dean seminar

Beading in the Native American Tradition by David Dean is one of my go-to references for Native beading. If you’re in Oklahoma, I just read in the Gilmer Mirror that Dean is teaching a seminar on Native American beadwork: “Items to be discussed include how to buy beads and supplies, basic instruction in four different and unique bead working techniques, history of how techniques are used and their purpose, how to age beadwork, and the significance of each technique in the development of beadwork styles on the North American continent. Many tribal differences will be explained as well as the use of the various techniques.”

The seminar will be at the Museum of the Red River in Idabel, Oklahoma on May 23-24 for a nominal fee, AND there is a free lecture. This is a great opportunity, if this is convenient to you.

Side note: I have updated my computer, making blogging more pleasant. While I’m really not beading much right now, I do have things I’d like to share. It’ll be easier now.

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