Claire Kahn in Metalsmith magazine

Metalsmith is the beautiful magazine published by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). There is always plenty of jewelry to imagine myself wearing, and decorative objects to find imaginary places for in my life. Want to do your own dreaming? Check out SNAG’s Maker Profiles.

The current issue (Volume 33, Number 2) has a profile on artist Claire Kahn. Kahn works in many media – clicking through to her website, I see painting and paper cuts, textile and pattern design, graphic design, jewelry design, and architectural projects including fountain design.

Her jewelry? Immaculate bead crochet ropes, heavy on gold and gemstones. Her work is technically perfect, and her colors rich. In the article, Kahn says she picks up beads in her travels for her fountain projects, “In Dubai, she found faceted citrine roundels that ranged in color ‘from clear to deep amber all through.’ In New Delhi she acquires the finest sapphires and tourmalines.”

Kahn has a drawing studio and a beading studio in her home, with her beads stored in Korean Honsu chests. She is represented by Patina Gallery in Santa Fe.

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