Christmas presents for coworkers

I work in a library, so this was a great present for my coworkers. I used a guitar pick punch on library cards of various vintages (there’s been four different designs used since I started my job), made a hole with a micropunch that I bought years ago for making earring display cards, and added a complimentary wire and bead loop. I strung them on red buttonhole twist — and, ornaments!

4 thoughts on “Christmas presents for coworkers”

  1. Love it! I am going to give a guitar pick punch to a friend in Juneau… I wish another picker was still alive, I’d love to give him picks punched from the visa/mastercard logos, he was a great big anarchist/hate the system guy!

    1. You know, the one pictured is the one that was sitting on my table to give to you when you stopped by, and is still in my house. Because I have such an awesome memory. 🙂

      Thanks so much, it has been used for its designated purchase as well – apparently some vintages of cards are better than others as guitar picks – the weight, the way the layers are bonded together. I had to file the edges on some of them because they didn’t cut as cleanly; I think our new cards are ones that I filed…

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