Changing themes

I’m currently in the beginning stages of trying to update my webpage, which I had designed with a basic webpage design tool. I have avoided updating it as it’s not nearly as easy as blogging. This blog is powered by WordPress, a platform that certainly could handle a webpage as well. Really, the only thing I think I need to do is create a nice landing page for my main domain, and then a gallery page.

To that end, I wanted a theme that would allow for both one- and two-column pages (I would especially like to have the landing page and the gallery without the sidebar of widgets). I spent many hours trying to either create a new page template or a child theme with only one column — and then backtracked to see if a different theme would accommodate my wishes. Yes, it did. Welcome to TwentyTen!

To do: learn how to use the files in the /wordpress directory to manage the root domain above it. In that domain, I need to design a landing page. Also, create a gallery page (thumbnails? slideshow? slidedeck?), for which I’ll be able to find a WordPress plugin. The gallery page should be at the root domain, and likely the “about me” (which needs updating with a newer publication or two, and links to my kits and instructions available on Buy The Kit).

For me to be be more active in keeping a current gallery of selected works, it needs to be an easy tool to use. WordPress and its endless supply of plugins and the appropriate theme is a better choice for me than using WordPress AND a second tool.

2 thoughts on “Changing themes”

  1. For those of us living in caves with slow dsl, please consider thumbnails instead of slideshow type presentation, and a minimum number of clicks to get to the actual object. I frequently leave websites that are too slow to load no matter how cute the waiting to load widget might be!

    1. Good point, Kelly, thanks! I know not to nest things so much that there’s a slew of clicks to get there. Now I have to figure out how I want to handle a thumbnail gallery. The default gallery is everything all in one gallery for a page or post, and the thumbnails are made for me (an excerpt of the middle of the picture).

      Do I want multiple galleries? By year? By type? I’ll have to think on it.

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