New snowflake for the Christmas tree


Every year, I add a snowflake to the Christmas tree. Since I started beading, most of these have been beaded snowflakes. Here’s this year’s addition! Twisted bugles, a few Swarovski, and a few size 11 beads. It needed more thread passes, but I was running out of time (11:45 p.m. Christmas Eve). It’s a little soft, which is why I made the hanging loop from tip-to-tip rather than just one tip. When I tried that, the whole thing sagged a bit like it was melting.

Snowflake 2012

I make a snowflake for my Christmas tree every year. This was the one I made for this year – Swarovski beads, copper charlottes, copper-lined 2-hole beads, and some lined green seeds that work with the Swarovski. I’m not sure it looks like a snowflake, more like a flower. And this continues essentially the same color scheme for many of this year’s gifts.

In memory of Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak, award-winning children’s author, died today at 83. He is perhaps best known for Where the Wild Things Are, where Max sails in and out of a day to where the Wild Things are. Once upon a time, I was going to make a vignette of Max’s room as the walls turn to trees. I abandoned the project because I wasn’t happy with it. I have bits and parts made, but the recognizable part is my start of Max. This is made with 15s and is 1″ tall.