A meadow of daisies


I sewed a top out of this fabric, and decided I needed MORE daisies – so made earrings to accompany it. There’s a few Swarovski as the center, and some lovely petal clear ab beads from Beadcats. It’s fun to remember the projects for the original purchase; the petals were leftover from a commission I did quite a while ago, and the Swarovski were leftovers from a Beading for a Cure kit.

As always the problem with fiddling around to make something for a one-off project is making two the same; I was about 3/4 through the first earring when I had to stop to begin the second. I was afraid if I went much further, I wouldn’t know how to start. The petals stay mostly in place, and the face of the flower is about 3/4″ (22 mm).  I tried hanging them off a hoop, lever backs, and ear threads, but went back to my usual French hook.

I think a fun database would be of fashion trends. Enter, say, “ear threads” to learn that they were a minor fashion statement perhaps 10 years ago. They would have been fun style-wise for this earring, but the thread part is too long. I don’t know how I will ever use the one set of ear threads I purchased.

Anyway! Next project will be either another set of earrings (pretty turquoise cabochons are ready to go on my work table), or another attempt at a necklace I’ve been trying to make. I think my meadow of daisies is plenty full for now.