French pumpkin herringbone complete, again

The herringbone rope sample that I decided to not use in my trio of ropes has been lengthened to 20″, a length I can wear as a necklace or wrapped three times around my wrist. It is now, finally, time to put these beads away.

I have a new traveling project that includes beads and crochet, but not in the usual fashion, and another traveling project waiting behind it. I have a stringing project that includes some antique beads, and another stringing project following that one. I have a second and improved class sample to make for a class I’m teaching this summer (but a picture for publicity is due sooner). And, what do I want to tackle for my next home project, where I can have bunches of beads out, messing up my cleaned workspace? I think an embroidery project with a fossil coral cabochon I purchased. Or that beautiful piece of larimar?

First up needs to be the class sample. But tomorrow, I plan to weave…

Rhinestones and beads bracelet

Here’s the finished bracelet! I like it, and the clasp works well. Here’s a tip, though: the actual clasp should be as close as possible to the edge of the bracelet. Because I wasn’t thinking of this, I centered the snap on the Ultrasuede square. The clasp only gaps a tiny bit, but if I had placed the snap on what would eventually be the far edge of the bracelet, it would likely gap less.


Thrifted rhinestones and beads

I bought this wonderful, 3 1/2′ rhinestone chain at a thrift store. It’s tarnished and the rhinestones aren’t really sparkly – which makes it perfect for everyday wear, right? Perhaps from the 50s? It’s unsigned, so I don’t feel guilty about cutting it apart. Below is version three of a possible cuff.


And here is a sample of a short length of a completed cuff width.

rhinestone-bracelet-2 I’m toying with what I want to do for a clasp. Initially, I thought I would buy a silver clasp of the appropriate width. Then, I considered making it a slip-on bracelet. I think I want something closer fitting than that, so my current idea is to cut an Ultrasuede tab to attach to each end, sew on snaps to fasten the bracelet, and embroider beads to cover the tab. I will have to decide on the clasp before I have to cut the rhinestone chain. I don’t want to waste any, so I can make more sparkly jewelry.