Pick success!


This one works! Self-supporting, which is what I was stubbornly trying to do. My favorite beaded bead with a support is a clear plastic bead covered with transparent seed beads in right angle weave – you can get some great effects with the interaction of the two colors.

This is the one that preceded it. Another failure, the shape was too weird, too elongated.

Bead Around the World 2012

A lot of people had conflicts this year, so our group was only five beaders. In Bead Around the World, everyone makes a start bead, and the other beaders make a bead to complement that bead, to the originator’s specifications.

Here are the start beads:

And here’s what I made to go with these beads:

These beads are square stitch and peyote and netting, and self-supporting. I’ll post what the other beaders made for me next!

Lavender right angle weave bead

Here’s what I hope will be a fun gift for a fellow beader: a right angle weave bead for her to embellish (or not). I left the thread tails so that additional thread passes won’t pull trimmed ends through. It’s 1″ in diameter – using a clear plastic bead makes it very lightweight, though.

Bead Around the World start bead

So, I started with a starfish of sorts (in an earlier post, but I redid it so that the hole in the ring of beads was 6 beads instead of 12), then added another layer of starfish arms.

Then I added more black and red arms to the inner lentil beads, and attached them with a turquoise round to match the starting side.

And finally, more turquoise arms to connect the lower arms and the turquoise round on top.

Here’s my starter bead for Bead Around the World 2012! It’s 10×35 mm, so not a modest little thing. A group of us make a starting beaded bead, and the others in the group make a bead that complements it. My finished necklace will be great with this awesome group of beaders! My necklace from last year is here.

Bead around the world beads!

Aren’t these great?! These are the beads from the Bead around the world swap, in which I participated at the beginning of the year. All of the beaders except Sylvia are in Europe (mostly Germany). I made the bead at the lower left, specified my colors and finished size (I was pretty flexible), and the other beaders surprised me with a bead to complement my starter bead.

Now I get to make them into a necklace. I purchased some Chinese crystal when I was bead shopping in Los Angeles with Sylvia — I think I bought some that will work.