BEad Inspired design contest from Whimbeads

I am one of many, many participants in the BEad Inspired design contest from Whimbeads. Beki, proprietress and beader extraordinaire, made kits we bought sight unseen, inspired by pictures of the seasons. By July 1st, I am to create something from my “Fall” kit. One of the rules is that I am to share no photos or descriptions of the work in progress, but I can show you the beads:

Whimbeads-contest-kitAnother rule is that we are to noticeably use at least half of the beads in the kit. I have numbered the bags – 15 in total – so I know where I stand as I work. I have mentally tried and discarded two ideas, and actually tried a third and discarded it as well. I have three more ideas on my current list, and I’m rather hopeful for one of them. It’s a thing. Made out of beads. That is all that I’m prepared to say.

Thanks to Beki and Whimbeads for providing this opportunity to challenge myself, and to play with more beads. Now, I think I’m going to have to order more of at least one of the colors. Which one, I will not disclose…

Rug palette

I’ve done this a few times, where I take a picture of a rug (usually), and build a palette using its colors. Sometimes I make something with that palette, but not always. This rug is from the Iowa Old Capitol in Iowa City, Iowa. The University of Iowa campus is built around the building, which was the capital of Iowa from 1846-1857. If I remember right, this reproduction rug was made based on an original rug (although I don’t know from what time period). If you are in Iowa City, this is worth a tour — the reverse spiral staircase is beautiful.


Bead Around the World 2012

A lot of people had conflicts this year, so our group was only five beaders. In Bead Around the World, everyone makes a start bead, and the other beaders make a bead to complement that bead, to the originator’s specifications.

Here are the start beads:

And here’s what I made to go with these beads:

These beads are square stitch and peyote and netting, and self-supporting. I’ll post what the other beaders made for me next!