Cabled herringbone again

Okay, I should just follow instructions.  Color me stubborn!  But I love these beads, and wanted to give it a try – those beads on the edge are a great matte ab root beer brown.  They’re too big, though, they really need to be the same size as the internal herringbone rows, the green beads.  I’ll probably try this again, but not now — and next time, following the directions to the letter!  This attempt was so poor, the blurry picture is apt!


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  1. hi, i was wondering if you know where i can buy the pattern to make cabled Herringbone? i’m driving myself nuts trying to learn it from the little video Bead and Button has online. but, i can’t seem to follow her directions, and mine won’t cable right.

    1. You can buy the back issue, February 2009, from B&B. Rae lives in the same state I do, so on a hunch, I checked out her closest bead store – they sell a kit! Glass Garden Beads in Northfield, MN (a lovely town, by the way), has kits (called Tango bracelets) in 4 colors for a reasonable price. Good luck!

    2. Thank you Dulcey, I really appreciate you getting back to me, that was very nice of you. 😉 thanks for the links. i love Herringbone so much, flat and tubular make me bead all night, and when i saw it, i knew it was like when you find cool beads you love, you gotta have it. well, i gotta learn it! 😉 i found the issure and ordered it, but the kits sure are cuties. 😉 maybe i’ll use up some of my seed beads now, instead of my Delicas. 😉
      Thanks again,
      gina 😉

      1. You’re welcome! I hope the printed instructions help you out. If I remember right, they were reasonable to follow – *I* just didn’t follow them as far as bead sizes. 🙂

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