Brilliante Weblog award

Kat gave me this award, thank you!! Her blog, Oranges and Peaches, is a play on the library reference question where someone comes in and asks for Darwin’s Oranges and Peaches — what can happen when you lack a piece of so-called common knowledge that makes the answer nearly impossible to find.

I hereby award the following blogs this award (already linked on my blogroll):

  1. Contemporary Bead Art – Marya Lemieux-Ruibal, a friend of mine, painter, seed beader, and bead burner (her term for lampwork). I’ve watched her sketch, check out her transformations of her sketchbooks into beadwork.  We used to live nearby, now our visits are cross-country, rats!
  2. Mary Tafoya’s Serious Beadin’ – Mary does wonderful bead embroidery (my favorite is La Llorona), and while too busy right now to do much writing, has been a regular contributor of fascinating artist profiles for Beadwork magazine, as well as writing instructions of her designs. Her article on how to use PowerPoint to draw diagrams got me started in my own instructions. I gave her a beaded cockroach.
  3. Murphy’s Beads – Sabina Anderson, in Italy (former resident of Kauai), does amazing things with beads. I’ve written about her doing a sextuple spiral rope. Right now, she’s working on a great piece with lava rock. Check out the amazing clasp, her design which she’s used in at least one prior piece. I have a great bead knitted bracelet she made me.
  4. The Lone Beader – LB has received other web awards, but not this one. Ha, I got her first! She does very thoughtful, extremely detailed bead embroidery, and takes us along for a ride so we can see her progress. Right now, she is going Back to the Future with a beaded DeLorean.

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4 thoughts on “Brilliante Weblog award”

  1. Thanks for the award! I am honoured! And, so cool that you used to live near Mary Lemieux-Ruibal! She is someone I would like to meet someday! 😀

  2. You’re welcome! Your blog is a great one to follow — I appreciate the blogs that show progress on a project, it really appeals to me. I’m trying to think of how long I’ve known Mary, 10 years? — she was the first person I met in real life based on an online friendship.

  3. Oh boy, with an award and all those nice things you said, where am I going to hide, if I mess up this lava necklace? Lol
    Thank you so much for this honour, Dulcey! 🙂

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