Blue beads plus extras….

blue-orange-buttonSo I haven’t done any more blue beads, but I did make 3+ other beads for this set.  I’m envisioning making some sort of centerpiece out of the button, like the button is the center of a flower of fringe, perhaps.  The clasp, I’m hoping, will be hidden underneath it.  The orange beads will be clustered towards the flower, but not in a symmetrical way.

I tried two orange beads, both are a pretty French transparent orange over an orange plastic bead.  I tried the blue thread because I thought it might tie the bead better to its orange and blue cousins.  I think it just makes it look muddy.  The second attempt was using red thread, and I like the clear brightness of this bead better.

The button has gold spots in the center, and I thought perhaps a gold bead or two would be a nice addition.  I made this one with blue thread over a clear bead, then started another with blue thread over a blue bead, but didn’t finish it.  The gold is just too bright.  All you’ll see is the gold bead if you look at the necklace, and I don’t want that.

I think I’ll still bring in a little gold, perhaps to tip the petals of my imagined button flower, or perhaps as spacers between the beaded beads.  I also have some size 8 orange whitehearts as possible spacers.

We’ll see!  A bunch of blue beads left, and 2 more of the dark orange ones, and the button to go.  I should find some more beading time.

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  1. Dulcey these are great! Definitely the red thread with the orange beads. Can’t wait to see the finished piece. dot

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