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This are now more than 100 blogs in the blogroll — but as I use a feed reader, reasonable for me to keep up with, IF I look a couple times/day (not usually a problem for me). There’s 20 showing at any given time in the blogroll, which changes each time the screen is refreshed; as the plugin randomly chooses 20 every refresh, you won’t get 20 NEW blogs upon refreshing. Sorry, there isn’t a “display all” option, I looked.

4 thoughts on “Blogs added”

  1. I love your blogroll! I’ve gotten lost for hours in some of the blogs from other countries. I only speak English, but the pictures are so inspiring! Thanks for finding them and sharing.

    1. Thanks, Dawn! It’s the joy of using a feed reader helps me keep up. I really only speak English too, so it’s the pictures that capture me as well. Every once in a while, I browse blogrolls in blogs too, but like you said, that can take many happy hours. And, you’re welcome!

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