BFAC 2010, step 2

I’ve made a couple more fans, and did some temporary stringing.  This is the general idea, with fans of beads and these stained glass components.  I’ll likely reverse the fans so that the wide side is nearest the pendant.  The fans incorporate different colors of size 11 seed beads, and I’ll try various layouts to make it balanced, but not symmetrical.


So here are options that I’m considering for the fans.  I can overlap/crowd them (the two on the left), or separate them (the two on the right).  I can string the dark ab seed beads between the size 8 chartreuse green beads like the one on the right — or not, like the others.

bfac-2010-3-fansPart of the requirements of the Beading for a Cure project is that I use all the beads that come in the kit.  If I use the dark seed beads as separators/spacers, I have used that bead.  There are two 4mm Swarovski bicones, which I will string between the fans.  The rose montees will be used like the image below (glued? wired?).  The beading wire will be crimped on the loops soldered on the stained glass.


Finally, these are the beads remaining.  I *think* I have the rose montees figured out.  The lampwork bead will be a counterbalance on the back.  The 3mm jonquil Swarovskis and the black hex beads do not yet have a home, but will find one with the lampwork if necessary.  The yellow of the Swarovskis is very light, and lost if I string them between the fans.  The hex beads have incredibly sharp edges, and I don’t want to use them IN the fans because they will cut the thread.


I’d love to have any comments about the combining of the fans – use the dark seed bead between the 8s or not?  Crowd the fans, or separate them?  I’ll make more fans, and see what happens.

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  1. Oh, definitely string the dark beads between the 8s, otherwise there’s a lot of gapping between them. And I think the fans look better crowded, it makes the design flow better.

    1. I’m with you on the dark beads, I’m pretty sure. It also adds some value contrast, which it needs. The spacing/crowding of the fans will come into play when I add the stained glass too — there’s going to be a gap in the design where the loop of the stained glass meets the loop in the stringing wire. I’ll have to see if I like to keep it all spaced, or have the seed bead portion more dense. THANKS!

  2. Dulcey, how about a double layer of fans, with the dark seed beads in the back layer, peeking through the top? Otherwise, I like the overlapped look better – it seems to give a sense of motion, which I think goes with the stained glass shapes. I don’t care for the dark seed beads between the chartreuse beads. Maybe they could go at each end of the fan section, bracketing the Swarovskis. I really like the placement of the rose montees!

    1. Teehee, more to think about, THANKS! The dark underneath might really look good. I’ll try that! I did try the dark seed beads bracketing the Swarovskis, but then I thought there was too much space between the fans – but maybe at the ends? I could try the gray 15 within the fans on the wire to get some spacing, the Swarovskis between the fans, and try a second layer of darker fans underneath. Hmm.

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