BFAC 2009 – sample swatch

I decided on the ivory as a color to add. I haven’t always added a color (this is my fourth year), but I wanted to provide a contrasting value to the existing beads. I beaded a couple of inches of 3 different herringbone ropes, and then strung some of the beads (on whatever scrap of thread hadn’t been thrown away yet). Here’s what I’ve got (the bronze bugles are strung too, they are below the red squares).


I have to use at least one of each of the beads in the kit. This leaves the Swarovski squares and bicones, the cathedral beads, the bronze hex 8s, and the red lined chartreuse magatamas. SO, here’s the plan, at least today: I’m going to make all of these maybe 20″ long, interlace them loosely (or not, we’ll see), and put them on an adjustable clasp.

With ivory Ultrasuede, maybe I’ll make a pendant of some sort that incorporates the rest of the beads (and/or put them dangling off the clasp). The pendant will be able to be removed, if someone just wants to wear the ropes of beads. Maybe I’ll make some cones out of Ultrasuede too, to dress up where all 7 strands will be at the clasp.

The herringbone ropes will be a nice traveling project, which I always appreciate having on hand. I have several other things sitting partially done on my work table, but most don’t travel well.

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