Beading for a Cure 2009 – color to add?

So you can see my process, here are pictures of test beads added to the BFAC beads. I am liking the last choice the best so far (but I still want to add gold in the findings, I think).

bfac-2008-with-black.jpg bfac-2008-with-copper.jpg bfac-2008-with-gold.jpg bfac-2008-with-cream.jpg

With black …..copper….gold….gilt-lined cream (click for a larger picture)

It’s still saying ‘jewelry’ to me. I’m not sure what yet!

6 Replies to “Beading for a Cure 2009 – color to add?”

  1. I’m certainly enjoying watching your process.

    I had mine out last night, up WAY past my bedtime – doing much the same thing. I laid out the beads and put several different options next to them. And some fiber as well. I’m doing a doll again this year and am finding the whole process – at this point anyway, terribly relaxing.

  2. Take a look at St. Basil’s Cathedral — it’s our colors! Are you going to find it difficult doing the doll with the larger beads? I’ll enjoy seeing what you choose to do…. Thanks.

  3. I did and it’s AMAZING, so is her current project – awe inspiring.

    I don’t think the doll will be difficult (opinion subject to change once I actually start on it), I tend to use the bigger beads for stacked stitches and fringe (hair). A flat bead embroidery piece would be nice too… have to see which way the creative wind blows me when the time comes. Sure is fun looking forward to it!

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