Beautiful Jean Campbell, in beautiful Tennessee

Or should I say glamorous? Jean is teaching Glam Beadwork Design Workshop at Arrowmont in April. “Students will start by using a selection of studio photos from Hollywood’s Golden Age … as inspiration.” Jean will assist in the process of developing a jewelry idea from conception to creation. I’m sure this will be great fun. Likely Swarovskis will be involved — right, Jean?

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Dulcey! Yes! So excited about this week-long workshop, something I’ve been eager to do for a long time. What a luxury to be able to spend a whole week with students to help them actually design their own pieces, from start to finish. It’s a big deal! I’ve never been to Arrowmont, but from the stories I’ve heard, it’s a pretty magical place. Giddy!

    1. I think you’re going to have a great time! I’ve only experienced the week-long class from a student point-of-view, and it is so rewarding to me to really work on just beadwork for a week. I think it’s a big deal too! I’ve only seen pictures, but it does look pretty magical. Have fun!

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