Beading at Arrowmont

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts is a center of contemporary arts and crafts education in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The full catalog isn’t available yet (scheduled to be available this month), but the preview shows that Wendy Ellsworth is going to be teaching a beading workshop June 27th-July 3rd, and NanC Meinhardt will be teaching another August 15-21st.


I wrote a day too soon!  Dick Baker, Director of Development and Communications, just left a comment below that the catalog is available. I downloaded it, and it’s beautiful with lots of color photography. These two beading workshops are towards the bottom under special topics.  Ellsworth is teaching 3-D Beading: Vessels, Baskets, and Sea Forms. Meinhardt is teaching Art Sticks — Right Angle Beadweaving.

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  1. Dulcey – our 2010 workshop catalogue is in the mail and available online for both download and registration! Links to both can be found on our website home page:

    Thanks for sharing Arrowmont with your friends and we look forward to seeing many on campus this year!

    Dick Baker
    Director of Development & Communications
    Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

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