Bead related tweets, week of 4/19/10

Bead tweets featured on this blog:

  • has a couple chores left, and then beading. Two active projects await, but I think I want to start something w immediate gratification. Blog
  • bead embroiderers, check out _Nomadic Embroideries_ abt India’s tribal embroideries w thread, beads, mica: (blog)
  • trying again: from galimatia: Nice curves and straights on a netted necklace (blog)
  • Judith’s Baroque necklace is another really attractive one, lacy: Based on Varda’s instructions. (blog)
  • here’s a pretty netted necklace – with instructions! – from galimatia: nice combo of curves and straights. (blog)
  • here’s a pretty summer bracelet by Birte: The continuity of the gold 15s ties it together and to the clasp well (blog)
  • likes Erika’s bracelet: The color combo, the combo of open beads and solid ones. (blog)(
  • check out Kiny McCarrick’s @msKiny beaded robots: Love them! Quite effective use of beads. (blog)
  • is looking for inspiration/ideas for beady gifts to make. And BFAC to do. Plus spiral herringbone necklace. Time mgmt skills, activate! Blog

This was a week full of non-bead activities. Next week has some beading time available, I’m looking forward to it!

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