Bead blogs and feed readers

Time for me to add some more!

One of the things on my plate is that I use Google Reader to manage the blogs I read. Well, until June 30, I use Google Reader, as Google is discontinuing the service. It’s their website, their service, and they can do what they like – but now I have to figure out an alternative. I weeded my feeds down to 400-some, and I’m trying various services.

I’ve started with Feedly, but I think I’m running into a problem. It looks like there can only be 100 items in a folder, and it only imported the first 100 of my bead feeds. That gets me into my bead blogs that start with the letter F (and it didn’t access any of the others, I don’t think). Ouch. I want all those bead blogs in one folder, so I can scroll through one folder. Unless they change it (or I’m missing a setting), this isn’t going to work.

More reading and exploring to do!


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