Bead Around the World start bead

So, I started with a starfish of sorts (in an earlier post, but I redid it so that the hole in the ring of beads was 6 beads instead of 12), then added another layer of starfish arms.

Then I added more black and red arms to the inner lentil beads, and attached them with a turquoise round to match the starting side.

And finally, more turquoise arms to connect the lower arms and the turquoise round on top.

Here’s my starter bead for Bead Around the World 2012! It’s 10×35 mm, so not a modest little thing. A group of us make a starting beaded bead, and the others in the group make a bead that complements it. My finished necklace will be great with this awesome group of beaders! My necklace from last year is here.

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