Bead-around-the-world, group 4

Here’s the final group of beaded beads for Bead-around-the-world:

This picture is not as good as my other three; I needed to use a different color backdrop than white, as I had a hard time editing the image of a white bead on a white background! The white bead is Britta’s, and peyote, right angle weave, and netting. The blue bead is for Ute, and peyote and right angle weave. The green and blue bead is Sylvia’s, and is right angle weave and peyote.

Here’s their starter beads (Britta’s contains black, but she specified that she did not want black in the beads that we made for her):

This was a fun project! My next related post will be of all the beads that were made to go with my starter bead.

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