Bead-around-the-world, group 1

Bead-around-the-world is a group in which I participated, where most of the participants are in Germany. Each person makes a starter beaded bead, and the rest of the beaders makes a bead to compliment that bead. We send our beads to our host, Angelica, and she puts the sets together and sends them to their new homes.

I wasn’t able to post as I made the beads, as it is to be a surprise. They’ve been distributed now! I’ve grouped my eleven beads into 4 similar groups, and here’s the first:

All three beads are done in peyote over a wooden bead; Renate’s is black, Tynchen’s is purple, and Marylou’s is brown. Here are their starter beads:

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  1. I love those! How much fun is that project! I love beaded beads, will you show the finished necklace? That should be incredible. Best of luck!


    1. Thank you! Beaded beads are a great way to make a little piece of art. I know someone who did a beaded bead a day for a year – some were simple, some were complex. You’re doing something like that right, where you commit to regular beading time? Yes, I will show the beads I received after I finish showing the ones I made. They are wonderful!!

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