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Weaving thread just didn’t interest me — that’s why there are so many entries between the last time I loomed and now. I’m still weaving thread, but I have just decided to try to get it done. Enough, already. SO, talking to a friend who knows weaving about finishing, this is what I’m doing to speed up the process: I’m using the heddles where I can (couldn’t on the footer, below the beads I’d already loomed), AND I’m using the thread doubled for the warp. It’s all going to be folded under the piece, so shouldn’t be visible. And if the very edge is visible, you’d have to be very close to notice.

Here’s the header, doubled thread using the heddles.

Here’s the footer, single thread, no heddles.

And starting the footers for the next pieces. Looks like I’m weaving mosquito netting or something — there’s nothing to push the warp against to make it tight. I believe that when I have more of it, I’ll be able to tighten it up. If nothing else, I’ll be able to push it against the beads later, even if it is (doubled) thread by thread.

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