Twin Cities Bead Bazaar Spring 2008

Carol and I had another bead outing within a week! This never happens, so this is a real treat. We went to the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar. The door opened on my favorite vendor, I’ll end with him. But first, check out the Silly Millies — this is Layle McDill, and I’ve seen her demonstrate at the Minnesota State Fair, and she also sells canes in various places around the metro. Look at the peacock feathers in the lower left.


There were some great fibers available from The Fiber Studio — see that swirl on the blob? I did part of that, needle felting.


A few others of note: Hip Chick Beads had great silver, great findings. There were some great clasps with boro from Bokamo. We also met Christi Anderson, profiled in the February/March 2008 Beadwork. She does amazingly detailed metal clay and cast silver work.

Now, my very favorite, Jeff Plath, lampworker and trade bead seller and all-around bead pusher. He gives me the large tray when I come, because I am helping him close out on the last of his French beads, no longer manufactured (maybe as of 5 or so years ago). He has a store in Taylor’s Falls, Wisconsin, which we will roadtrip to sometime, the Non Necessities of Life. So here’s a choice few pictures of his booth:





Carol and I have had a table at this show, but it’s been two years since we did. She sold doll forms, polymer clay faces, sweater purses, and more. I sold my kits. We had a grand time, and perhaps we’ll do it again sometime. Meanwhile, I left the show with 4 pounds of Jeff’s beads….

Double spiral complete

This is my second piece of double spiral that I’ve done. For the first one, I did a single spiral, and then went back to add the second spiral. I tried doing both at once, but I couldn’t “see it” at first. I was able to do it in one pass this time, which works better for me.

Anyway, the necklace is done! Here’s the closeup of it in progress. I have a sweater in the same dark earthy olive green, and this will be great with it. And with the pretty button, if the clasp slides around to the side, that’s fine! Now, I should make a pair of coral earrings to wear with it. Hmmm…..


Beads of Whimsy


Image from the Minnesota Textile Center

The Beads of Whimsy Show is a national show, juried by Stephanie Eddie, and held at the Minnesota Textile Center from March 7th through April 12th. There are whimsical beaded pieces from across the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

Carol and I went to this show today, and the image from the website and on the postcard (above) is of Laura Leonard’s Motorcycle Mama, image courtesy of the artist. I love her work, always have. She has a great sense of humor, and I see her work at local shows (including American Craft Council shows) probably once/year. This piece won first in non-wearable.

(I took the pictures below — I took others, and would have liked to share more, but the rest were unclear.)


This is the best in show piece, Beadgami by Jennifer Hastings. It’s a great structural piece of herringbone and peyote.


Ann Gilbert had a whole collection of fish, called Mobile Fish. This is one of my favorite fish.


Another collection of whimsical pieces was a collection of birdhouses, done by Diane Fitzgerald. This was second in non-wearables.


Second in the non-wearable flat category was Split Rail Analogy by Frances Holliday Alford. Carol and I stood there and identified things that were incorporated. It’s like Where’s Waldo!


This is Shell Game, a purse by Kelly Dorman, second in wearable, non-jewelry (I think I have these categories right). This is jasper, and she used trapunto for some of this; don’t see that much.


This picture’s not as good (window, etc), but I wanted to post this regardless. This is by Valerie Kuzma, and we loved these colors. That’s Peruvian opal in there, among other things. The title is Jump in, the water is fine, and this first in the wearable category – jewelry.


The colors and structure of this piece were really phenomenal. This is Festival by Karyl Lynch.


Sharon Wright’s Red glove and booted naked lady has great texture. It looks like the beads were colored somehow after embroidering, and then some wiped off the surface?


Look at this! This is Tatiana’s Crown by Brenda Brousseau, first in wearable, non-jewelry. Excellent construction, just gorgeous.


Another great headpiece. I wonder how this looks on? Sorry, lost the name on this one….  (eta, this is Fauna and Flora by Maggie Hamel McCloud, 3rd in wearable jewelry)

And finally, were Carol and I the jury, this is the piece we would have picked. This is Pirate Poem by Terri Allen. The sign by it said we could touch it and turn the pages. It’s an original poem, lavishly illustrated, and bound into a book. The artist will take the book to schools and such and show students. Enjoy!





Edited 6/7/08 — The Upper Midwest Bead Society has included pictures of the winners on their webpage.

BFAC 2009 – sample swatch

I decided on the ivory as a color to add. I haven’t always added a color (this is my fourth year), but I wanted to provide a contrasting value to the existing beads. I beaded a couple of inches of 3 different herringbone ropes, and then strung some of the beads (on whatever scrap of thread hadn’t been thrown away yet). Here’s what I’ve got (the bronze bugles are strung too, they are below the red squares).


I have to use at least one of each of the beads in the kit. This leaves the Swarovski squares and bicones, the cathedral beads, the bronze hex 8s, and the red lined chartreuse magatamas. SO, here’s the plan, at least today: I’m going to make all of these maybe 20″ long, interlace them loosely (or not, we’ll see), and put them on an adjustable clasp.

With ivory Ultrasuede, maybe I’ll make a pendant of some sort that incorporates the rest of the beads (and/or put them dangling off the clasp). The pendant will be able to be removed, if someone just wants to wear the ropes of beads. Maybe I’ll make some cones out of Ultrasuede too, to dress up where all 7 strands will be at the clasp.

The herringbone ropes will be a nice traveling project, which I always appreciate having on hand. I have several other things sitting partially done on my work table, but most don’t travel well.

Beading for a Cure 2009 – color to add?

So you can see my process, here are pictures of test beads added to the BFAC beads. I am liking the last choice the best so far (but I still want to add gold in the findings, I think).

bfac-2008-with-black.jpg bfac-2008-with-copper.jpg bfac-2008-with-gold.jpg bfac-2008-with-cream.jpg

With black …..copper….gold….gilt-lined cream (click for a larger picture)

It’s still saying ‘jewelry’ to me. I’m not sure what yet!

Beading for a Cure 2009 BEADS!

The provider of the beads this year is Betcey from Beyond Beadery. I got my beads maybe 2 weeks ago, and according to the rules, had to be quiet until everyone else got theirs. Well. It’s now allowed. Here is a quick snapshot of the beads.


Now, what to make with it? The rules (simplified) are that you have to use at least one of each bead, you may add one – and only one – bead, and you can add spacers, findings, and other things (like the form on which you’re embroidering the beads). There are only 2 size 11 beads, the 2 on the right. If I add any beads, it will probably be another 11.

The colors look like jewelry to me. I haven’t gotten much further than that!