Another rug palette

I took another picture of a rug (see another rug palette entry here). There was a coffee table in the center, and furniture on the edges, but these pictures give you an idea. There is a medallion of the two blues in the center of this large square area run, and then geometric designs around it. Isn’t this a great rug?

So I took the colors, and with a few (4?) false starts, made a bracelet, a quick project to see how I like the colors. I like them better in the rug; I do like the colors together, but think it would be better in a larger piece where the blocks of color are more substantial — probably not jewelry.

Also, this is a variant on a spiral rope (my own, as far as I know), but making the core/base out of cube beads doesn’t work. It needs the curves of a rounded bead for the beads to move smoothly against each other and curve around a wrist. It looks much better flat than curved. To some extent, I can smooth the curve by running a firm finger on the inside, but jewelry should just be worn, not constantly adjusted. I didn’t try curving it until I was half done — sure, it felt a little stiff. Lesson learned, shape the piece as if wearing it earlier in the process!

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  1. I can see why you liked this carpet. I, too, have run into probems using cubes as a base. I was able to solve mine by alternating the cubes with rounder beads. Sometimes you just don’t know until you try.

  2. Hi Dulcey,
    How do they say? To each its own? I like the bracelet much better than the carpet! It’s a pity that the cubes are not laying in the right way ’cause I like the way they look. I don’t know how comfortable would be to have to adjust it the all time, but looks beautiful to me.

  3. Thanks, Saby! I should try a short length with “regular” 8s or 6s to see if it works – I like the way the cubes look too, and the cubes are a nice contrast to the round seeds on top. I made it fairly snug so that the angles caused by the stiffness just can’t be too big.

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