Another blue ring

I didn’t cut up the old one, I have a few of these inexpensive blue lapis cabs! I haven’t submitted instructions for any article proposals for a while, and thought I’d give it a try with this ring. Practices have changed in the last couple of years; instructions need to be completed for the proposal itself. So, I needed to make another ring with standard beads to have correct bead counts. My first blue ring used blue French 13s, and I wanted to convert it to Delicas (the dichroic ring uses Delicas, but the cab itself isn’t a standard, even shape and size).

So, I browsed through my Delicas and 15s to find beads that would work with the cab. I had to raid a mix for the 15s, but I like my final choices. I’ve written the instructions, now I need to create a few sample diagrams to help the editors understand my words, and see if they’re interested in publishing this.

6 thoughts on “Another blue ring”

  1. Of the 3 you’ve shown, I like this one best. I think these colors showcase the lapis better, and the precise shape of the delicas gives it a nice crisp look.

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