Acrylic floor wax + beads equals…

Slightly shinier, somewhat stiffer beadwork! I have previously been a bit reluctant to dip my beads in acrylic floor wax. Diane Fitzgerald recommends it for a project of hers that I’m working on, but I wanted to try the final step of dipping the project using just a sample first.

The final piece is in the background with no acrylic, the piece dipped in acrylic is in the foreground. The transparent beads become shinier, the milky white and yellow beads are shinier as well. I was a bit concerned about these milky beads, as I like the contrast in texture that their original finishes provides. That contrast is still there, just upped on the overall shiny spectrum.

So, I shall dip the final project and get a piece that holds its shape better. Jean Campbell wrote about using acrylic floor wax in a Beading Daily piece, as well.

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