A button and a cab

Drea suggested a button, Grace suggested a vendor — here’s the button I bought from VintageNecessities on Etsy. It’s HUGE. Very cool, but not the right colors. I’ll find another home for it.

Then Drea came across cabs in her own collection and gifted me with some. They’re wonderful, and will be excellent with this rope! I believe a couple of rounds of beads to capture the cab on a piece of Ultrasuede, and then perhaps a clasp hidden beneath it.

The trick will be to not obscure the face of the cab, or at least as little as possible. Also, the rope is probably 9mm in diameter; I can’t subtly place this fat rope of beadwork underneath the cab. I’m not a big fan of endcaps unless they look to be an integral part of the design, which I don’t see how to do at this point.

I’ll have to start by mounting the cab, and see what happens next.

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