I love French pumpkin beads


Really, I love all these colors, but the pumpkin is its own category of wonderful. I have a lot of this particular bead, but they are precious because I love them, and because there are no more French seed bead manufacturers.

I’ve long admired Julie Powell’s beadwork, especially her collections of herringbone rope necklaces. I am modeling a necklace on her work, with multiple herringbone ropes. I’m planning on an 8-around herringbone rope with spots of color, this rope, another 6-around rope with wider stripes, and perhaps 3 4-around ropes of a single color. That’s my current thinking!

The clasp will be significant design challenge. Julie gathers hers to a single contact point for a clasp, and the ropes nest neatly inside each other. I don’t know yet what will work for this collection of ropes. Will I want them to nest or tangle? How long should it be? (And do I have anything I can wear this with?) Again, as always, what do I do for a clasp?

Earring two of two


I have a pair! And, the back:


Not the perfect best color for the Ultrasuede, but it’s not horrible. I have active starts on two other beading projects. One involves rhinestones, and one does not.

Earring one of two


These are gorgeous turquoise cabochons that I purchased last spring at a rock show. Really lovely work on cutting the cabs, book matched to mirror each other. Now, do I like what I’ve done enough to do the second one the same way? I think so!

Offset right angle weave necklace


I made this a couple months ago, and looking at my photos on my computer, realized I didn’t post a picture of it. This is right angle weave with Czech rondelles on one side of the unit. Two rows, offset vs. square to each other. It has a natural curve.


American Indian College Fund’s “One Percent” campaign

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 7.54.30 PM

“I am a college student, but I am only 1%.”

“Only 1% of college students are American Indian…Education is the answer.”

Click on and enjoy this beautiful, thoughtful, beaded stop motion video.

I was trying to make an earring

Instead I got a miniature dreidel. 

I’m experimenting with posting directly from my phone. Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Almost a new year, almost a new blog?

I would like to begin again writing regularly for this blog. To that end: I fixed the automatic backup, I updated plugins, and chose a new theme. Not tons different, but a bit cleaner and more modern. I got rid of duplication between categories (such as jewelry) and tags (stitch used). The header image is gone, but I think that’s okay. All the content is here.

I did some beading for holiday gifts, but nothing I’ve photographed. I have an idea for an earring design intended for a Christmas gift, but it will become a New Year’s gift. I have a pretty start of a herringbone rope that I want to continue (French seed beads, beautiful things), and combine with several other herringbone ropes of the same beads. Other things need updating, but let’s start with these!